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Brian Schrag(non-registered)
These photographs are astounding, grab my interest and hold it. Keep doing all you do.
Great work Eric.
This inspires me to document work being done by some friends and family in the same area of the world.
You certainly capture the essence of each person and place ... extraordinary
Craig Fagerness(non-registered)
Great presentation today. Great photos on your website.
I have really enjoyed these wonderful photos. Please let me know how to get a copy of the book when it is finished!
Don Dobbins, Brentwood, TN(non-registered)
Eric, these are incredible shots. Certainly you are gifted not only with language and music but also with a photographer's eye.
Ralph Ireland(non-registered)
Great pictures, Eric. Looking forward to your first book!
Dave Sucsy(non-registered)
Great stuff, both content and technique!
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